Prunus spinosa

Slåen (Prunus spinosa) er en op til meter høj busk, der i Danmark vokser i f. Den ligner Mirabel, men har matte blade, årsskud og . Prunus spinosa (blackthorn, or sloe) is a species of Prunus native to Europe, western Asia, and locally in northwest Africa.

It is also locally naturalised in New . Kvalitetsplanter og fri fragt ved køb over 2. Blackthorn is a shrub belonging to the same genus (Prunus) as almon cherry and plum trees. The specific epithet spinosa refers to the sharp spines or thorns .

Blackthorn, also known as ‘sloe’, is native to the UK and most of Europe. Learn more about the uses of blackthorn, how identify and where to find it. Prunus spinosa is a deciduous Shrub growing to m (9ft 10in) at a medium rate. It is in flower from Mar to April, and the seeds ripen in . Prunus Spinosa, also known as blackthorn or sloe is a wild relative of the cultivated plum.

It is native to Europe, and it is called blackthorn . Find help information on Prunus spinosa blackthorn from the RHS.