Prunus persica

The peach (Prunus persica) is a deciduous tree native to the region of Northwest China between the Tarim Basin and the north slopes of the Kunlun Shan . Dværg Fersken – Lyserøde blomster i april-maj. Denne skønne og hyppig blomstrende fersken er en juvel i enhver have.

Efter blomstring i foråret, og bestøvning af bier, får denne skønne plante lækre spiselige . Tree growing to m (19ft) by m (19ft) at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) and is not frost tender. Perhaps there is no summer treat quite as sweet and juicy as a ripe peach, plucked right off the tree.

The species name, persica, refers to the . Her i landet bliver det sjældent mere end 5-m højt. Barken på stammer og ældre grene er oftest mørkt gråbrun, mens den . Widely popular for their sweet, juicy fruits and beautiful blossoms, Peach trees are actually plagued by so many different pests and diseases that . This plant has poison characteristics. Common Name(s):: Peach; Categories: Poisonous Plants, Trees; Comment: Many cultivars for . Other names, › Persica vulgaris › Persica vulgaris Mill.

Prunus persica (L.) Batsch › Prunus persica var densa › Prunus persica var. Prunus persica, peach, is the third plant rosaceae family to be included in PLAZA.

This family has very diverse fruits, and along with the other . Prunus persica (L.) Batsch Show All Show Tabs peach. Find help information on Prunus persica ‘Peregrine’ (F) peach ‘Peregrine’ from the RHS. Blomster: Orangegule, behåret frugter med hvidt, saftigt frugtkød. Prunus persica, commonly called peach, is native to China.

It is grown for its luscious fruit but some cultivars are grown chiefly for there flowers and inedible fruit. This is a fantastic Peach variety to grow in the UK, perfect for small gardens being compact in size with an eventual height of around two metres – so no step . Plant parts, Prunus persica: (a) flowering shoot; (b) vertical section of flower; (c) stamen; (d) fruit-bearing shoot; (e) kernel; (f) seed. Prunus persica (L.) Batsch Taxonomic Serial.

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