Plug and plant

PLUG PLANT, Nueva York (New York, New York). Automated watering for up to days with ‘smart sensors’. Want a garden that takes care of itself?

Plug Plant is fairly automated; just add water, and it uses its sensors to make sure everything’s taken . PLUG PLANT is a smart vertical garden that allows anyone to grow plants anywhere. Add some green to your life with Plug Plant, a smart vertical garden. This indoor, natural ecosystem is affordable, looks great, increases .

The Plug and Plant is one of a variety of new technology concepts that are designed to fix that by making gardening smart, easy, and apartment . Meet the Plug Plant: a modular vertical garden that lets you grow your plants indoors. It has Bluetooth sensors to measure humidity, . Buy quality plug plants from our wide range available for sale online in the UK. Our plug plants are delivered by post direct to your door. Plug Plant is a wall-mounted system of pods that not only neatly organizes the indoor plants, but each one is equipped with Bluetooth room, . Find great deals on for Plug Plants in Annuals and Biennials.

LEAF is the first smartphone controlle automated home grow system for medical plants and food.