Pine pollen

Pine pollen is a rare source of Phyto-Androgens, including testosterone, DHEA and more. Packed with nutrients its called the Superfood of the 21st Century. Pine trees provide us with an adaptogenic miracle every Spring season, when the male catkins on the end of the pine’s branches drop their pollen, .

Pine Pollen refers to the pollen of trees in the pinus genera, which are sometimes used as dietary supplements. Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris) contains . Buy Pure Raw Organic Broken Cell Wall Pine Pollen Powder-Grams USA Seller on Amazon. A natural testosterone booster that works!

Read my pine pollen review to find out more about uses, dosage and what to think about when . Pine Pollen is one of the most potent herbs on the planet loaded with nutrients that benefit the body and promote DNA repair, longevity, endurance and more. We spent Saturday afternoon harvesting pine pollen. I know, you’re probably wondering why we would do that!

That dusty substance, which comes from the male cone, is actually pine pollen powder, a superfood known to boost libido and contribute to a . Pine pollen contains around ng’s of real testosterone per gram. Not a mimetic or anything but the actual testosterone.