Free tree size

TreeSize Free is a free disk space manager for Windows. The software shows you the sizes of folders including all subfolders. TreeSize Free ist ein Freeware Festplattenmanager für Windows.

Die Software zeigt die Größe von Verzeichnissen inklusive aller Unterordner an. TreeSize Free makes managing your valuable disk space easier than ever by providing an accurate view of how much space any given group . TreeSize Free is a useful app that makes managing your disk space easy, by providing accurate views of how much space any given group of files is taking up . TreeSize Free lets you scan directory size and find the space hogs to free up space on your drive.

TreeSize latest version: Shows the size of each folder on your disk, including its subfolders. TreeSize Free is a utility that scans your hard drive and shows you how much hard drive space each folder on the particular partition is using. Er din pc ved at løbe tør for plads på harddisken? TreeSize Free er et program, der hjælper dig med at finde de filer og mapper, som optager mest plads på .