Cupressus arizonica

Cupressus arizonica, the Arizona cypress, is a North American species of trees in the cypress family. Description of Cupressus arizonica (Arizona cypress). Find help information on Cupressus arizonica ‘Pyramidalis’ Arizona cypress ‘Pyramidalis’ from the RHS.

CUPRESSUS ARIZONICA FASTIGIATA – Blue Arizona Cypress. It is a medium-sized coniferous evergreen tree with an upright . That’s what you get with this selection of Arizona Cypress whose fine scaly stems have an excellent steely blue color. Hjemmehørende i det sydvestlige USA og nordlige Mexico.

Plantet i Sydeuropa og i vintermilde dele af . Arizona Cypress ‘Blue Ice’ Cupressus arizonica – Evergreen – Healthy Established Roots – potted – Plants : Patio, Lawn Garden. Cupressus arizonica and over 10other quality seeds for sale. It is a mediumsized evergreen tree with a conic to ovoidconic crown.

In the winter landscape in Santa Fe, a highlight of the Botanical Garden at Museum Hill is the . Smooth cypress is an extraordinary conifer whose steel-blue needles will leave no doubt that this one is really something. Hesperocyparis arizonica (Greene) Bartel. Synonym(s): Callitropsis arizonica, Cupressus arizonica, Cupressus arizonica ssp. Arizona cypress, Arizona smooth cypress, Cuyamaca cypress, Piute cypress, cedro, cedro . Laura Davis, Native Plants Class 2002.

Foliage is striking pewter-blue, providing visual interest year round. Certainly a plant of considerable beauty and a worthy choice for the garden. Arizona cypress is native to central Ari- zona, from 30to 80foot elevations.

Scientific name: Cupressus arizonica. Common name: Cypress, Arizona Cypress. Description: Cypress is a perennial evergreen that . A detailed description for Cupressus arizonica, Arizona Cypress; including plant size and plant growth form; leaf description; flower color; flowering season; . Description: You have to love it; it’s so beautiful!

The striking, silver-blue foliage has a crystalline texture that looks amazingly like ice.