Cryptomeria som skovtræ var et eksperiment i Silkeborg Vesterskov. Det tegner ikke til at blive Smukke træer, men rent økonomisk blev de ikke nogen succes for . Cryptomeria (literally hidden parts) is a monotypic genus of conifer in the cypress family Cupressaceae, formerly belonging to the family Taxodiaceae.

Cryptomeria-slægten omfatter faktisk kun arten Cryptomeia japonica, men pga. Cryptomeria Radicans are stunning evergreen trees. Plant your unique Cryptomeria Radicans trees and watch them mature quickly into a beautiful hedge.

Stylish and chic, this unusual exotic cultivar is also known as the Japanese Cedar.

Ornamental, versatile, and hardy, the Radicans Cryptomeria has a lot going . There is one species with two varieties, distinguished by range and by . Cryptomeria, also known as Japanese Cedar, is quickly becoming a very stylish tree whose use is increasing in a variety of landscapes across the country. Yoshino Japanese Cryptomeria – Cryptomeria japonica ‘Yoshino’ – Japanese Cryptomeria or Japanese.

A genus on one species in Japan and China, related to Taxodium and the redwoods (Sequoia and Sequioiadendron). Cryptomeria first described by (Thunberg ex Linnaeus f.) D. Don in 183 is a monotypic genus of conifer in the cypress family Cupressaceae, formerly belonging . Cryptomeria at Portland Nursery and Garden Center. Slægtens eneste art, japangran, Cryptomeria japonica, findes i Japan og Kina. Den er et stedsegrønt, skovdannende træ.

Shop the best selection of trees and shrubs online. Start by checking out our stock of Cryptomeria Trees. The Yoshino Cryptomeria is a wonderful tree to create a dramatic focal point when planted as a lawn specimen, or a fast growing screen. Japanese cryptomeria (Cryptomeria japonica), or Japanese cedar, is a splendid evergreen that becomes even more handsome as it matures.

Cryptomeria japonica homeland is Central and southern Japan and China. Though it is called the Japanese cedar the tree is not related to the . Cryptomeria japonica, commonly called Japanese cedar or sugi, is a slender, pyramidal, evergreen conifer with tiered horizontal branching, which is slightly .