Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘green’ har flotte, grønne blade. Planten bliver 5-cm høj og hver roset bliver 8-cm bred. Hvis planten vokser på en fritstående plads .

This beautiful variety with the dark, hammered leaves is named after ‘Tropica’. When grown in an open space the leaves will virtually lie on the bottom. Cryptocoryne beckettii petchii er en lille variant af Cryptocoryne beckettii fra Sri Lanka, der får smukt småbølgede bladrande på 10-cm længde.

Cryptocoryne (water trumpet) is a genus of aquatic monocot plants from the family Araceae (arums).

The genus is naturally distributed in tropical regions of Asia . This video demonstrates how to prepare a Cryptocoryne species. Learn how to care for and grow the hardy and popular Cryptocoryne Wendtii aquatic plant. From propagating to aquascaping, you will find the . Cryptocoryne, also known as Wendt’s Cryptocoryne, is available commercially in a variety of color forms, including green, olive green, and reddish brown leaves.

The name Cryptocoryne is a funny-sounding name for a group of plants that have been popular in the aquarium hobby for decades. Plants from the genus Cryptocoryne, usually referred to as ‘crypts’ by aquarists, are among the easiest aquarium plants to keep. Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia is a marsh plant found only on the western coast of Sumatra, one of the largest islands in the Indonesian Archipelago.

Cryptocorynes grow best in non-brightly lit tanks.

Too much light encourages algae to coat their slow-growing leaves. Lush and colorful, the Cryptocoryne species is a popular pick for planted tank enthusiasts. Why not add these vibrant aquatic plants to your . Very hardy, can adapt to light levels and water conditions.

Native to the island of Sri Lanka, Cryptocoryne wendtii is one of the most common and widely used aquarium plants available today, and is one of the most . Cryptocoryne Balansae is an adaptable and very popular aquarium plant amongst the aquarium hobbyists which is also known as the balansae plant or simply . Information on how to keep and care for Cryptocoryne plants. The name Cryptocoryne is derived from greek Krypto (hidden) Coryne (club) and is a reference to the flower of the Crypt. It is also called the Water Trumpet also .