Cotoneaster lucidus

OBS Kan bestilles nu til levering fra medio oktober til ultimo april.

Får flotte blanke blade der i efteråret farves orangerøde. Glans Dværgmispel får rødorange høstfarver. Thumbnail #of Cotoneaster lucidus by Rickwebb; Thumbnail #of Cotoneaster lucidus by Rickwebb; Thumbnail #of Cotoneaster lucidus by Rickwebb .

The cotoneasters belong to the large and varied rose family (Rosaceae) of about 3genera distributed throughout the northern hemisphere. Cotoneaster lucidus (called Hedge cotoneaster, or Shiny cotoneaster) is a deciduous, medium-sized shrub with long, spreading branches reaching . Pronunciation: ko-toe-nee-AS-ter LU-si-dus. Dense glossy green foliage, an excellent shrub for hedges or mixed into the landscape. Takes heavy pruning well to create formal or informal appearance as . Cotoneaster, – wild-quince, cotonea-aster (Gesner’s name suggests that the leaves of some species are similar to quince, cotonea in Pliny).

Hedge or shiny cotoneaster, cotonéaster à feuilles aigues. Cotoneaster acutifolius Turczaninow var. Hedge cotoneaster (C. lucidus) and many-flowered cotoneaster (C. multiflorus) are excellent choices for screening hedges.

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