Cotoneaster horizontalis

Har du brug for Cotoneaster horizontalis ‘Cotali’? Du kan købe Cotoneaster horizontalis ‘Cotali’ – Dværgmispel her. Cotoneaster horizontalis is a species of flowering plant in the genus Cotoneaster of the family Rosaceae, native to western China.

Smuk dværgmispel med sin specielle vifteformede, nærmest fiskebensmønstrede væksk. Får hvide blomster i maj-juni og røde frugter i september-oktober. Flade fiskebensmønstrede grene, Hvid – røde blomster Blomstrer i Juni Mange lysende røde frugter om efteråret.

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One of the commonest, yet most desirable, garden shrubs is Cotoneaster horizontalis. In many ways it is a victim of its own success, for it is so . Buy cotoneaster Cotoneaster horizontalis: Delivery by Crocus. Buy Cotoneaster horizontalis Hedging huge range of sizes, prices from £4.

Plus Free delivery over £Cotoneaster horizontalis Hedge plant. Common Name(s):: Rockspray cotoneaster; Categories: Groundcover, Shrubs; Comment: Handsome foliage and fruits; used in rock .

Rockspray (Cotoneaster horizontalis). This deciduous shrub has a spreading habit and branches . Cotoneaster Horizontalis found in: Cotoneaster horizontalis Large Plant – x 3. Cotoneaster horizontalis ‘Variegatus. Buy cotoneaster Cotoneaster horizontalis: Delivery by Waitrose Garden in association with Crocus. Cotoneaster horizontalis is one of our most popular shrubs.

Small glossy green leaves that turn deep red in autumn are borne on short branches in a distinctive . Scientific terCotoneaster salicifolia. English terCotoneaster salicifolia. Tolerant of most soils and positions, except waterlogged soils.

Cotoneaster horizontalis Decaisne, Fl. Thumbnail #of Cotoneaster horizontalis by Baa; Thumbnail #of Cotoneaster horizontalis by Baa; Thumbnail #of Cotoneaster horizontalis by Baa .