Clematis piilu

Den meget specielle Klematis ‘Piilu’ har forskellige blomsterstande (Ø 6-cm)! I foråret har den dobbelte blomster og om sommeren blomstrer den for anden . Yndefuld klematis med store rosa blomster med mørkrosa midterstribe og gul midte.

Klematis , Blomster: Rosa 6-cm store blomster med pink midterstribe og cremegul midte. Jeg har plantet en klematis Piilu her i foråret, der lige nu står i fuld flor, men et par af de små nederste skud er visnet. Klematis ‘Piilu’ og andre clematis kan du købe online hos Plantorama.

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Clematis Piilu – Common name:Vine – Two sets of flowers grace this stellar performer. Old wood produces full centers of ruffled petals, while new growth . Clematis ‘Piilu’ bears opulent double blooms in late spring, and a second flush of single flowers in autumn giving you two completely different displays per year. Hårdfør, kompaktvoksende op til m høj klematis.

This is an early large-flowered cultivar. The first flush of flowers in May-June are usually double or semi-double measuring up to cm across and are . Blomster, Blomstrer i juni og august-september med 9-cm store rosa . Pronounced pie-LOO, translates to “Little Duckling”. Often touted as the most heavily blooming Clematis, you are sure to be impressed by ‘Piilu’s’ shower of . Clematis ‘Piilu’ is an early-flowering clematis, bearing large, mauve-pink wavy-edged flowers from May onwards.

The first flush of flowers in spring are usually . Clematis Piilu is an amazing cultivar which produces two different kinds of flowers in two different seasons! In spring, this variety produces huge double flowers, . Piilu flowers Double, Semi- double and single all on the same stems ! Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. I planted my first clematis and I’m hoping some of you would share your knowledge so I can get my Piilu from Monrovia off to a good start. This variety is known for producing large quantities of large double .