A charbroiler is a commonly used cooking device consisting of a series of grates or ribs that can. The terms charbroiling, broiling, grilling and char-grilling are often used interchangeably, though depending on the application and equipment . To broil (meat, for example) over charcoal or another fuel source until the edges are charred or grill marks are visible: .

Define charbroil: to cook (something) on a rack above charcoal — charbroil in a sentence. Define charbroil (verb) and get synonyms. Charbroiling er en metode til madlavning , hvor kød og grøntsager er kogt som over trækul. Når charbroiling mad derhjemme , vil du typisk brug for et apparat .

Hos PriceRunner kan du sammenligne priser på Charbroil. Find den bedste pris på Charbroil her! Hamburgers being charbroiled on a grill. To charbroil is to cook over a hot grill filled with charcoal. Charbroil definition, to grill or broil over a charcoal fire.

Definition of charbroil in English: charbroil. Grill (foo especially meat) on a rack over charcoal.