Aronia berry

Aronia is a genus of deciduous shrubs, the chokeberries, in the family Rosaceae native to. Aronia berries and chokecherries are both high in polyphenolic compounds, such as anthocyanins, yet the two plants are distantly related within the . The official source for nutritional benefits of Aronia Berries the super berry which feature three times the anti-oxidants of blueberries!

Aronia berry plants are a seasonal beauty. Plus they are cold hardy and resist pests and disease, making them easy-care additions to a backyard garden. While many other berries have all made headlines as super berries packed with nutrition, a lesser known North American berry is gaining . Superberries aroniaberry – super fruit are filled with health benefits.

For more information on the benefits of aronia berries, shop today. Superberries offers a variety of recipes for aronia berries. For more aronia recipes and recipes for aronia smoothies, visit our site today! Aronia melanocarpa is one of the three species of berry-producing plants of the rosaceae family and is most commonly found in swamps and woodlands along . Enjoy fresh frozen berries all year around. Mega Antioxidant in Aroniaberries; Easy to include in smoothies, salads and other recipes; Add this unique berry to . If you are looking for a super easy super fruit to grow, you’ll want to consider growing an aronia berry bush.

This little-known berry bush offers double pleasure. Aronia berries have the highest antioxidant capacity among berries, but the health benefits of aronia berries do not end there.