Arizona cypress

Arizona Cypress and many other commonly . Cypress Trees typically burn up in dry regions of the country, but Arizona Cypress Trees give you beautiful color with minimal water needs. Arizona Cypress is found naturally on dry, sterile, rocky mountain slopes and canyon walls, but does very well when planted on.

Cupressus arizonica, the Arizona cypress, is a North American species of trees in the cypress family. Arizona cypress is a graceful, pyramid-shaped tree, 30-ft. Buy Arizona Cypress – Drought Tolerant Online.

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The ‘Blue Ice’ Arizona Cypress is a conical-growing evergreen tree of the cypress family. With its striking blue-gray foliage arranged in dense sprays ‘Blue Ice’ is . Arizona Cypress Cupressus arizonica Greene. Description: The Arizona cypress is a steeple shaped tree with a pale-green to . With its lovely color and striking features, Arizona cypress is a wonderful evergreen sure to bring you the “blues” – in a good way!

The Arizona cypress is a North American native conifer that can tolerate drought conditions. You can also use it as a Christmas tree, cut or .